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Loud, Plowed and in Your Town!

Rock Band


Behind the Thunder!

Formed in 2020, Preacher set out to bring a different musical experience to the area. Mixing original songs with an eclectic array of covers, their high energy performances have wowed audiences from the beginning. With genre-defying set lists, people find it a pleasant challenge to describe the band.

     “It reminds me of the original punk from the late 70’s and early 80’s”, said a former Londoner at a show.

     “Cowpunk is back!” commented one attendee.

     “It’s hard- driving Americana.” proclaimed another.

     That’s what’s fun and intriguing about this band. They give you all they have from the stage, then somehow give you more. They then leave it up to the audience to decide what they have just witnessed. All PREACHER wants to do is give the audience a loud, plowed and in your town rock n’ roll show, and they deliver!

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